HISS and a ROAR follows up on its recent Slime Vocals library with a new Mini FX series sound collection titled Slime Moves.

The pack features a collection of slime movement sounds.

Following release of our SLIME VOCAL Library we got a request to split off the slime movement sounds, and rather than double up on content we decided to record a separate mini FX Library. More hours of messing with disgusting slime ensued, and a small discovery resulted in a lot of very useful new sounds: egg shells mixed with slime adds a visceral texture!

SLIME MOVES is an invaluable addition to your gore resources, and includes bursts, plops, slithers, sustained squelchs as well as more subtle material.

Limestone Quarry features the sounds of some heavy duty machines cutting through limestone.

While on my first road trip of 2020 (thanks to COVID) I spent a few days in Oamaru and arranged two recording sessions at Parkside Limestone Quarries. The star of the show was the huge hydraulic-powered cutting blade with gleaming titanium teeth, which slices deeply into the limestone base. Of course we also captured their other machines, radial saws operating at much higher rpm, as well as the largest CNC router in the country.

LIMESTONE QUARRY is a unique collection of abrasive tech, due to the fine texture of limestone.

The libraries cost $29 USD each and you can get a 33% early bird discount with coupon code ROAR at the checkout until November 8th, 2020.

More information: HISS and a ROAR