HISS and a ROAR has announced the release of two new sound libraries. To create the Sofa Smash sound FX library, two old, leather sofas were destroyed.

First, hits and impacts were performed on all surfaces, then drops & throws were recorded before deconstruction into constituent parts via rips, tears & general breakage.

The leather coverings were recovered and studio recordings were made of leather creaks, flicks, moves, and shakes. Exterior recordings were also made with leather hits & drags on concrete, as well as flicks, shakes and moves. Other useful elements included stabs and slicing leather, suspended tension hits (taut and “flappy”) as well as rattles, hits and moves with the four metal feet from one of the sofas. Unique rips and tears were also recorded with the supporting nylon fabric.

Priced $49 USD, Sofa Smash contains 238 .WAV files (24bit/96kHz) with photos and UCS metadata.

Also released is Leather Jacket ($15 USD), featuring a collection of 82 samples of more subtle leather moves.

While obsessing about leather sounds I figured it would be useful to record some more subtle leather moves, using two leather jackets I have owned for a few decades. I bought my first leather jacket in Los Angeles, a beautiful soft and very comfortable jacket which served me well. Many years later I bought a heavy-duty bikers leather jacket with big zips and beautiful red tartan lining.

Me and these jackets have had some experiences, but both are now retired and thanks to their age produce some lovely characterful leather creaks but far more subtle than the heavy leather in the SOFA library.

Both Leather Jacket and Sofa Smash are available at a 33% Early Bird Discount until May 22nd, 2022.

More information: HISS and a ROAR