Mask Movement Samples

Producer Histibe has announced the launch of Mask Movement Samples, releasing two new sample packs: Deep Tech Drum Lub and Electronic Ukraine.

Why choose Mask Movement Samples? Because our team of producers have received support from leading brands such as JAY Z’s Life+Times, DJ Mag, Complex, Future Music Magazine, UKF, Vimeo Staff Picks, Dezeen and other top tier names in the music and art industry.

Mask Movement is an underground label focusing on modern music and art that unites like-minded people and creative enthusiasts from all over the globe. Our sample pack libraries are a compilation of professional-grade, ground-breaking sounds designed to inspire creation. We create contemporary musical elements, effects and other materials to be used anywhere from the bedroom studio to larger production companies.

Mask Movement Samples Deep Tech Drum Lub & Electronic Ukraine

Deep Tech Drum Lub aims to satisfy anyone searching for the deep, dark, twisted and warped techno and house drum sounds Histibe is notorious for.

Deep Tech Drum Lub features

  • 160 Drum Hits (hats, kicks, snares, claps and percussion)
  • 65 Drum Loops (synthetic and organic sounds)
  • 25 Music Loops (synthesizers, basslines and atmospheric sounds)
  • 25 SFX (special effects, atmospheric sounds and textures)
  • 15 Vocal FX (processed vocal hits)
  • BPM: 126

Electronic Ukraine is a ground-breaking compilation of royalty-free sounds that can be used in a variety of electronic music styles.

Electronic Ukraine features

  • 60 Drum Loops (synthetic and organic sounds)
  • 60 Music Loops (synthesizers, basslines and atmospheric sounds)
  • 120 Drum Hits (hats, kicks, snares and percussion)
  • 35 SFX (special effects, atmospheric sounds and textures)
  • 20 Vocal FX (processed vocal hits)
  • 15 Vocal Loops (processed vocal loops)
  • BPM: 75, 88, 90, 100, 112, 128, 130, 138, 140, 150, 172

The sample packs are available for purchase on Beatport Sounds, Sounds To Sample, Juno Download, Producer Loops, Crypton and Sonicwire. For a limited time, a 50% discount is offered by emailing Histibe (check SoundCloud for email address).

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