HOFA Plugins has introduced the IQ-Comp, an “intelligent” compressor effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.


We equipped a compressor with intelligence to achieve perfect results for all sorts of audio material. No matter if vocals, drums or other instruments: The HOFA IQ-Comp permanently adjusts all the relevant settings to fit the musical needs. Therefore it delivers the sonically best compression, depending on your settings.

IQ-Comp features

  • Compressor with supremely intelligent/adaptive attack-, release- und ratio-settings.
  • Simple handling, concise representation.
  • Optimized for maximum compression with minimal artifacts (in your face sound).
  • Mono, stereo, dual mono, MS (Lat Vert) operation modes, sidechaining and parallel-compression.
  • Innovative link-up of gain reduction with the two onboard EQs.
  • Allows precise equalisation according to the compressor’s gain reduction.
  • Arbitrary shelving and peak filters can be used on the new high quality EQ.
  • EQ look ahead function for maximum transient punch.
  • Innovative level & frequency reduction display for ideal optical control.
  • Changeable plugin window size.
  • “set as default” preset.
  • Supports all common sample frequencies.
  • PC and Mac, 32- and 64-bit DAWs.

IQ-Comp is available to purchase for 88.90 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: HOFA Plugins / IQ-Comp