Hollow Sun has released the Bass Station Freepack, a free sample pack featuring the sounds of the Novation Bass Station.

Hollow Sun Bass Station Freepack (Kontakt)

Hollow Sun Bass Station Freepack (Kontakt)

From the Hollow Sun website:

What’s on offer here are 30 excellent synth bass sounds that cover a wide range of genres, uses and applications and which Dan has looped and programmed to perfection. Nothing fancy – just 30 solid synth bass sounds that sit nicely in a track.

But they cover the full keyboard range from C1-C7 and are therefore equally as useful as fruity analogue polysynth sounds and lead lines and the raw samples are open to much abuse by the more adventurous amongst you.

And in keeping with the Hollow Sun ethos, all the sounds have been carefully optimised by Dan to have minimum impact on RAM and disk storage and CPU strain making them fast and efficient.

For Kontakt users, there’s a bonus in that there are 90 programs and the programs have themed skins and some custom controls for quick tweaking.

The Bass Station Freepack is available as a free download in Alesis Fusion, Akai S5/6000, Z4/8, MPC4000, MPC5000V2 and Kontakt 3 formats.

More information: Hollow Sun / Freepacks