Hollow Sun String Synths II

Hollow Sun has released String Synths II, a string synthesizer sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The Kontakt version has been updated to String Synths II which features extensive scripting to enhance the experience.

Instead of having various presets in various combinations, each instrument now features a complete control panel so that you can create you own unique combinations pretty much like using ‘the real thing’.

String Synths II features

  • Includes sounds from Eminent 310, ARP/Solina String Ensemble, Moog Opus, Roland RS202/VP330, Moog PolyMoog.
  • Master panel, set ‘global’ functions such as velocity sensitivity and curve, note range, pitch bend range and master tuning and transpose.
  • Control panel, mix and layer the sounds, combining 16′, 8′ and 4′ octaves (depending on the instruments) to create massive sounds. In some instruments, you can layer different sounds – for example, in the RS202/VP330 instrument, you can layer the VP330’s choir sound with the strings for a monumental orchestral texture. There’s also a simple tone control that allows to coax all the commonly heard string synth sounds and some new ones and there’s also simple envelope control of attack and release.
  • Effects panel, add a phase shifter effect with variable amount and speed and you can add (or remove) delay and reverb.
  • Bonus sounds: PolyMoog Keyboard ‘Strings I’, ‘Strings II’ and ‘Vox Humana’ sounds.
  • ARP/Solina has also been updated with the ‘Horns’ and ‘Trumpet’ sounds.

String Synths II for Kontakt 3 is available to purchase for £16 GBP / €19 EUR / $25 USD.

More information: Hollow Sun / String Synths II