Hollow Sun Taurus Pedals

Hollow Sun has released Taurus Pedals, a sample library featuring the woofer troubling sound of the legendary Taurus bass pedals.

The Moog Taurus bass pedal synth was a totally unique product (then and now) in that it was a simple bass synth that could be played with the feet.

The samples here come from Taurus Mk I owner and vintage synth aficiando Paul Ward who has carefully sampled his pristine instrument over its entire three octave range with long and sumptuous samples lasting as long as 20 seconds before Hollow Sun’s legendary seamless loops kick in. Some program variations are included but there is nothing to stop these samples forming the basis of many synth bass sounds with some creativity.

This is a woofer wobbling delight for all afficiandos of the lower end and arguably the finest representation of this classic sound.

Taurus Pedals is available for Kontakt, Akai S5/6000 (and Akai Z4/8, MPC4000 and MPC5000V2) and Alesis Fusion, priced at $20 USD.

Hollow Sun has also released the Speak & Spell FreePack, a sample library featuring sounds by Luke Smiles from motion laboratories who has put together a meticulous collection of all the letters, numbers, words and phrases from his own Speak & Spell.

More information: Hollow Sun / Taurus Pedals / Speak & Spell FreePack