Homegrown Sounds has released Astralis Bion, a virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Astralis Bion is the most powerful synth in the Astralis range, has a custom built Oscillator with 3500+ possible Waveforms, and many Filters types including Low Passes, Hi Passes, Band Shelf and Comb. The Astralis range of synths are primarily designed for easily creating atmospheric and Ambient landscapes, though Bion is useful for any style of music due to the huge array of features.

Homegrown Sounds Astralis Bion

Astralis Bion features

  • Two identical synths each with it’s own Envelopes and Filter etc.
  • Extensive effects section, Microtuner, Programmable Arpeggiator, Gapper, two Modulation Sequencers, Gate Sequencer, LFO and a flexible Modulation Matrix.
  • Sophisticated randomization system for creating new sounds on the fly.
  • Local randomizers on every section so that you can just randomize a synth section of just an oscillator for example.
  • Each synth has a dual oscillator so that 2 waveforms can be selected and then one of 21 different modes can be used to decide how they interact (including Add, Subtract, Split and FM).
  • FX Section includes Stereo Delay, Flanger/Filter, Ring Modulator, SoundScaper and Organic, as well as a compressor.
  • Built in recorder which automatically captures the Synth output to WAV at either 16, 24 or 32 bit.
  • Microtuner can load Scala files and the synth comes with 300 Patches included, which are shared across all of the Astralis Synths.

Bion is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for £30 GBP.
It is also part of the Astralis Collection — currently available in a group buy — which includes Orgone, Astralis A, Astralis B, Bionic and Astralis FX. A Scala file creator is under development and will be available soon as part of the pack.

More information: Homegrown Sounds