Homegrown Sounds has released Astralis Orgone, a sample based synth designed with creativity and instant gratification in mind.

Homegrown Sounds Astralis Orgone

Orgone is suitable for any use, but excels at Pads/Atmospheres and BPM based Rhythmic Sequences. It has a customizable randomize system which makes creating new patches on the fly, an instantly rewarding process.

Astralis Orgone features

  • 2 identical synth sections which use samples as the sound source, capable of loading any 16/24/32bit WAV files.
  • Custom loops can easily be visually selected via the loop tuner.
  • Drive, noise, lofi and normalize.
  • BPM synced Rhythmic options including 2 Modulation Sequencers, an Arpeggiator/Note Sequencer, a Trancegate and a programmable Gapper.
  • Fully featured Microtuner works directly with scala files, opening up the scala database of 3500+ tuning files for use within Orgone, plus a large selection of interesting tunings are also included as standard.
  • Independent FX section per synth section: Reverb, Organic, Stereo Delay, Echo, Flanger, LFO Filter, Clipper, Ring Modulator and an 8 Band EQ.
  • Custom FX Routing system which allows 127 different routing combinations as well as Parallel Mode.
  • Advanced randomization options. Every randomization parameter has been carefully selected and limited to a useful range to maximize the possibility of a useful patch.
  • Keyboard Zones, Keyboard Range Limiters (for Pitch Bend, Filter Cutoff, Modulation Sequencers and Arpeggiator), and three 32 step envelopes with repeat capabilities.

Orgone Lite is a free version of Orgone with a reduced feature set. It is limited to a single synth as opposed to the 2 in Orgone and is locked to use a set of 10 samples. It includes 128 presets and the diversity of sound created from those 10 samples, demonstrates the power of the Astralis System.

Astralis Orgone is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC and has an introductory price of £25 GBP (normal price £30 GBP). It can also be purchased as part of the Astralis VST Collection which includes all present and future Astralis products for a one-off price.

Visit Homegrown Sounds for more information.