Homegrown Sounds Pulse Control

Homegrown Sounds has released HG Pulse Control, a controller plug-in for the Waldorf Pulse.

For those that own a Waldorf Pulse and use a Windows Sequencer, this is a must have. It takes complete control over the Pulse/Pulse Plus so that all controls are stored and saved with your project.

On top of this it makes the Pulse a much more powerful synth by adding a second Modulation Matrix with many Modulation Sources such as Gate Sequencer, Modulation Sequencer, Advanced ARP/Note Sequencer, Advanced LFO and 2 x 32 Stage Envelopes. With these extra features, the Pulse becomes a tempo synced rhythmic powerhouse.

HG Pulse Control is available to purchase for $18.49 USD.

Software synthesizer Ammonite was updated to version 1.1.

Ammonite v1.1 is a serious upgrade which introduces a Sample Engine, Additive Synthesis, Ring and Ampiltude Modulation, Xfade Modes and much much more, see the changelog below for details. Ammonite has become an even more powerful synth / Sonic Playground. The demo version has also been updated.

For a limited time Ammonite is available to purchase for $20 USD (Windows VST).

Homegrown Sounds Black Magic

Homegrown Sounds has also announced a special offer for its Black Magic loop generator instrument plugin.

Black Magic is a unique loop workstation with the ability to generate diverse loops with a single mouse click. Furthermore a loop can instantly be recorded out to WAV, automatically named by BPM and timestamp.

Black Magic is $30 USD during August and September.

All Homegrown Sounds plug-ins are available as VST plugins for Windows PC.

More information: Homegrown Sounds