Homegrown Sounds has released HGS WAV Recorder X, a VST plug-in which adds advanced features to the freeware HGS WAV Recorder.

Homegrown Sounds HGS WAV Recorder X

The main new feature is the ability to do multiple simultaneous recordings throughout the host, either when record is enabled or a second mode allows it to only record whilst the host is in playback mode. A usage example is that you could put a recorder on insert strips of multiple channels, start playback and record each track to a seperate WAV which would all be synchronised. This is ideal for recording many tracks in a project simultaneously and in realtime, ready to import into a different sequencer.

HGS WAV Recorder X features

  • 16/24/32 Bit Support.
  • Records at Host Projects Sample Rate.
  • Record in Host Play Mode only.
  • Auto ID/Selectable ID per instance.
  • Time Limited Recording up to 24 hours.
  • Mono, Stereo and Sum Output Modes.
  • Monitor Switch.
  • Bypass – Disables Sound output for silent recording.
  • Record Level.
  • Record Level Indicators.
  • Open Last Recording Button.
  • Configurable Storage Directory – Open cfg file to change path, then click update to update the path.
  • Open Recording Directory in Windows Explorer.
  • Default – Sets to the plugins default parameters.

HGS WAV Recorder X is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC and costs £15 GBP.

Visit Homegrown Sounds for more information.