Homegrown Sounds has announced the release of Infekted, a Kontakt sample library featuring a large collection of multi-sampled instruments designed using a Virus TI and a unique Kontakt script called Kosmos.

Kosmos aims to create a dual oscillator synthesizer which uses sampled instruments as the Oscillator waveforms. It goes far beyond standard presets and has a randomization system built in for creating diverse sounds quickly and easily. The idea behind this is that it provides a much more conducive work-flow than scrolling through presets. Each Kosmos synth generally has 40-50 waveforms and each is capable of producing a massive variety of instruments.

As well as the Kosmos based synths, there are also categorised presets for each of the sampled instruments which all use a single oscillator version of Kosmos for easily tweaking the sound on the fly or through automation.

The collection is composed of 4 releases which are loosely categorised – Bass, Leads, Synths and Pads (Starburst).

There is also a free Lite Version of Infekted which uses 20 Instruments from the collection and includes a Kosmos synth using them.

Infekted for Kontakt is available to purchase for $125 USD.

Homegrown Sounds has launched a Group Buy for Infekted, offering the entire collection at a discount.

A Group Buy has been created along with it’s launch so that the entire collection can be had for as little as $50 when just 50 people sign up. Futhermore when the number reaches 40 Virus Kits for Battery/Kontakt will be added and at 50 people a Kosmos version of Vintage Synths will also be added using Kosmos. It costs $25 to join the group buy and you will get instant access to Starburst.

More information: Homegrown Sounds