Homegrown Sounds has released a public beta version of TerraNova, a multi effects plug-in which has 5 main effects.

Homegrown Sounds TerraNova

TerraNova has been under development for other 4 months, and once it is finished, I’ll be starting to build a synth using it as it’s FX engine. I have developed a new preset system so that presets will be universal amongst future products and interchangeable.

TerraNova features

  • SoundScaper, capabable of reverb, echo and comb effects.
  • Stereo Delay, with various modes.
  • 3 Modulators, with 39 different effects each including Flanger, Phasers, Ring Modulators, Chorus, FM Chorus, Synth Tones, Filters, Pitch Shifters, Gappers and Decimator.
  • Each LFO has a large array of waveforms, including custom mode which gives access to 150 pre-defined shapes with smooth control.
  • As well as random mode, there is also an assortment of Envelope Followers that can be used instead of the LFO. Each modulator also has an AutoPanner.
  • Many randomization options as well as global randomize, which has 10 modes.
  • Flexible routing, can be switched off to work in parallel. There is also a randomizer.
  • Extensive PDF Manual.
  • 5 types of distortion.
  • White Noise.
  • Bass Cut, High Cut.
  • Modulators A and B can also be assigned to one of 34 destinations.

TerraNova (pre-release) is currently available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for £20 GBP. A VST/AU release for Mac is coming.

More information: Homegrown Sounds