Homegrown Sounds Astralis Orgone

Homegrown Sounds has released version 1.0.2 of Astralis Orgone, a dual sample based synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

Changes in Astralis Orgone v1.0.2

  • Record to WAV added – Wavs will be recorded to a folder called Synth Recordings located in your HGSounds folder (chosen when installing the samples)
    • Choice of 16/24/32/32bit float bit depths.
    • Open Samples Folder Button.
    • Open Last Recorded Sample in System WAV player.
    • WAVS are auto-named by Synth Name, and then System Timestamp.
  • Fixed a bug where Pitch Bend setting would not update on already playing notes.
  • Fixed a bug where Microtuner Patch and Info would not load correctly in some situations.
  • Enabled an ON/OFF for the polyphony control as this replaces the note stealing rules.
  • Polyphony Mode automatically disabled in Mono Mode for the above reason.
  • Fixed a small bug where occasionally an incorrect Bank was displayed.
  • Samples in different folders can now have the same name and should be located correctly when patches are recalled.
  • Added a disable WAV Display Button to Info Section, as one user experienced crashes related to this module.
  • Other Minor Fixes.

Astralis Orgone is available for £25 GBP. A free copy of Orgone Lite is available for download.

Visit Homegrown Sounds for more information and audio demos.