Homegrown Sounds Kosmos

Homegrown Sounds has announced version 1.5 of Kosmos the Kontakt engine that powers various Homegrown Sounds libraries.

The major new feature is the large screen editor which displays the Pitch editor and a second editor, which can be assigned to either Velocity or Seqs 1-5. This provides much finer control without having to use the mouse modifier key and is also less distracting not seeing all sequences at once. As with the standard view, the display will change to reflect the currently selected instance. It is enabled via the ‘E’ button in the top right master section.

Other changes:

  • Maximum Steps increased from 32 to 64 on all sequencers.
  • The script is much more efficient, a few days have been spent on just optimizing the code.
  • Changed the names of the Duplicate function to Repeat which should be more intuitive now, not sure what I was thinking when I originally named them….
  • Fixed a bug with Reverse Sequence.

The Kosmos 1.5 update is available to download for existing customers. All Kosmos products including the free Kosmonaut, Kosmos Infekted, Kosmos Classics and Starburst have been updated to v1.5.

More information: Homegrown Sounds