Homegrown Sounds has released an update to its Motion synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Homegrown Sounds Motion

Motion is an advanced Vector Synthesizer designed to create Evolving landscapes and Atmospheres with little effort due to a series of 8 tuned Global randomizers which generate unique and playable sounds most of the time. It is most useful for signature Ambience in a track and most definitely has a distinctive sound of it’s own.

It uses short and single cycle waveforms to create sound and in this sense is a true synthesizer, like any other Subtractive synth sounds are generated by the User interface rather than relying on sampled presets. There are 504 Waveforms/Sounds over 4 Banks which use just 55mb of RAM. Some are drum/percussive one-shots which are very interesting in the Arpeggiator when Wave sequencing.

Changes in Motion v1.1

  • Pitch Bend Extended to 48 Semitones Max.
  • Pitch Bend now ignores Preset change.
  • Pitch Bend Glissando Mode Added (on the FX Panel).
  • Bank of 43 great presets kindly created by aMUSEd called Tangent.

Motion is available for $24.99 USD as part of a group buy (regular price $59.99 USD). Level 1 has been reached, which means that two Cassetto Bootleg Instruments are available now. More instruments will be added as target levels are reached.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Motion