HoRNet Plugins has announced the release of an algorithmic reverb plugin that recreates the physical interactions of a spring reverb.

Implementing a mix of research papers and adding HoRNet’s own twist, SpringVerb allows you to change every aspect of the springs themselves such as the intrinsic vibration time and the damping of the springs.

With the resonance and brightness controls you can change the self resonance point of the spring and the highest frequency it can reach (both of this control also affect how the reverb propagates inside the spring). We also added a handy dry / wet mix control and a diffusion control (which is not a specific physical part of the spring behavior but help us in getting different sounds, from more lush to more metallic ones).

Of course you can change the number of springs and this in turn changes the behavior of the reverb, in fact with one spring you only have a mono reverb and a very bouncy sound, with two springs you have a stereo reverb and with three springs you get a full and nice shimmering sound.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU, and AAX), the plugin is priced 12.99 EUR. A free demo version is also available to try SpringVerb.

More information: HoRNet Plugins