HoRNet Plugins has announced an update to the AnalogStage console emulation effect plugin.

HoRNet AnalogStage emulates those sound characteristics usually associated with analog gear (saturation, hiss, non linear frequency response, etc.) and can be used to bring to your mix some analog console flavor if used on every channel or buss.

AnalogStage simulates the response of three different types of analog technology: operational amplifiers (the cleanest and more modern technology), transistor (the discrete transistor designs were popular in the 70s and have some fat saturation) and tube (the dynamic and smooth saturation of the past). Every one of the three different type of emulation can be used inside the same project but for convenience you can create up to eight group of instances so that any change to the emulation type, age, hiss switch and saturation switch is applied to every plugin belonging to the group.

Version 1.1.4 comes with improvements of the VU meter ballistics and grouping system exchange speed and reliability. It also fixes a problem with the frequency response of the tube model.

HoRNet AnalogStage is currently on sale for 9 EUR as part of a Halloween Sale. Most HoRnet plugins are 50% off and bundles are 20% off until November 1st.

More information: HoRNet Plugins