Loopmasters has introduced House of Loop’s new vocal sample pack Leah Rose Vocals, a collection of high-quality vocal hooks, spoken phrases, and versatile adlibs for adding that extra something special to your tracks.

Leah Rose is a rising star in the tech-house scene, having worked with renowned artists such as Prok Fitch, Iglesias, and Devstar. She has also released her own music through top labels like Moon Harbour, Sola, and 303 Lovers.

Leah’s voice has been played at well-known venues such as Printworks London, Lightbox, Creamfields, and even BBC Radio 1. Songs that Leah has featured on have been supported by the likes of Eli Brown, Sam Divine, Solardo, Danny Howard, Matthias Tanzmann, and more.

Leah’s unique and powerful vocals have earned her a loyal following and a reputation as a standout performer. Whether singing over tech-house or house grooves, Leah’s voice always manages to capture the attention of the crowd. In addition to her work as a vocalist, Leah is also a skilled songwriter and producer. She has a deep understanding of music theory and is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of her craft.

The sample pack is priced £16.95 GBP at the Loopmasters store.

More information: House of Loop