House of Loop has released a new sample pack titled Techno Room, a collection of loops and one-shots for Techno, including bass, drums, fx, pads, synth, background loops and more.

House of Loop Techno Room

Envision this, you are looking out over a sea that stretches out as far as one can see. With a signal from you or your music, the whole area is affected.

Now, you snap back into reality and that sea is an audience and you are playing your music that you created with the assistance of this pack. “Techno Room” from House of Loop.

Most, if not all artists aspiring to play live, envision or dream of playing in front of a massive crowd such as that. Be it at: festivals, big room or clubs. The term “Bigger is Better” can apply to many things. In terms of a venue, that always seems to be a plus.

With this pack from House of Loop, You can get ready for a more massive sound that will help magnify your sonic endeavours for a setting such as those.

Techno Room features

  • 60 Drum Loops Divided In Full, No Kick, Perc.
  • 30 Hi Hat Loops.
  • 30 Perc Loops.
  • 30 Ride Loops.
  • 30 Background Loops.
  • 30 Bass Loops 127 Bpm.
  • 30 Bass Loops 128 Bpm.
  • 30 Pad Loops 127 Bpm.
  • 30 Synth Loops 127 Bpm.
  • 30 Synth Loops 128 Bpm.
  • 30 Efx.
  • 20 Bass Shot.
  • 20 Synth Shot.
  • 20 Kick Shot.
  • 20 Hat Shot.
  • 20 Per Shot.
  • 20 Clap Shot.
  • 20 Snare Shot.
  • 20 Ride Shot.

The sample pack is available for download from Loopmasters for £24.95 GBP.

More information: House of Loop