Loopmasters has launched Hy2rogen’s latest sample pack with a jam-packed collection of vocal vignettes that cover a wide range of flavors. The royalty free House Vocal Tools goes from tonal to spoken materials, including vocal phrases, vocal slices, single words, and vocal effects.

The special detail about this collection is that we have taken the time to carefully tag each sample so you will be able to tell exactly what these vocals depict only from a quick look at the filenames. From spoken rap inserts, house diva cuts, robotic-blended hooks, vocal reverses, to cool tonal slices, this sample pack will surely have something for every producer.

The pack is structured across 4 main folders: ‘Vocal FX’ that holds breaths, chants, heys, laughs, moans, reverses, screams, whispers, and woohs, ‘Vocal Phrases’ with 300+ diverse vocal snippets, perfect for quick high-impact moments that also have the potential to be track starters, ‘Vocal Slices’ with 2,480+ units, a vocal chop bliss structured in multiple key folders for your convenience, and lastly, the ‘Words’ folder which guards 674 single words you can throw on their own or create interesting new groove combos.

The House Vocal Tools sample pack is available to purchase at the Loopmasters store for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Hy2rogen