Plugin Boutique has launched a new video in which producer Joshua Casper takes a look at the Helper Series of plugins from W.A. Production, a bundle comprising a transient shaper, saturator and EQ.

In this video Josh uses the transient shaper on a kick drum to make it huge, adds the saturator on some Trap brass hits to make them warm and wide, and demonstrates the EQ by adding to a pluck sequence to brighten it up.

The Helper Series are designed to bring your music mixing game to the next level and be vital mixing tools for you to add to your arsenal. It doesn’t matter that you use it on individual channels or groups or the master channel, it guarantees to bring good results to your music.

The Helper Series bundle is available from Plugin Boutique. For owners of any Helper plugin, the bundle upgrade is currently on sale at 50% off.

More information: Plugin Boutique / W.A. Production Helper Series