Plugin Boutique has posted a video on the Synth Anthology 2 instrument by UVI.

In the video, producer Joshua Casper shows how you can stack instruments to create unique sound combinations.

Synth Anthology 2 is an incredible collection of hardware synthesizer sounds, expertly programmed, individually sculpted with outboard processors, multisampled and mastered to perfection. Synth Anthology 2 delivers the pure and powerful sounds of 77 hardware synthesizers gently massaged and accentuated to taste with the best hardware processors on the market.

You’ll find everything from classic analogs like the Oberheim Xpander and Jupiter 4 to digital powerhouses like the Synclavier and FS1R to modern classics like the OB-6, Prophet 6 and Minilogue, all expertly programmed and exquisitely sampled, delivering the authentic and unmistakable sound of hardware.

Synth Anthology 2 for the free UVI Workstation and Falcon is available from Plugin Boutique.

More information: Plugin Boutique