In a new Two Minute Tuesday video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you how easy it is to tune a sample in Phase Plant‘s Sampler using an incredible feature.

Not only is this useful for tuning any samples, but it is used for setting infinite loops and sustained notes of any samples as well.

To tune a sample, you will want to drag and drop you sample into the Sampler module. Then, where it says”Root” you will want to click and drag up and down until the waveform cycles line up perfectly. You will see these show up when you begin dragging up and down.

It is the same idea for sustained notes and infinite loops. For this, turn on Looping to Infinite. Then as you begin to move the border of the loop section you will see those waveform cycles appear again. This will be a bit trickier because of how sounds work, but I find that if you get the loop brackets fairly close you can make a really seamless loop!

The Phase Plant synthesizer is available from Plugin Boutique now, priced at $199 USD.

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