Beatboxing seems to have grown in popularity due to things like YouTube, people like Alex Tew (not just mr. Million Dollar Homepage, but also founder of, and sites like where cool video are “dug” into popularity every day.

Here are some of my personal favorites I’ve seen so far:

Kenny Muhammad
Beardy Man
Kid Beyond

Kenny Muhammad, the “Human Ochestra” is one of beatboxing’s greatest. He even worked with the New York Symphony Orchestra. Wind, his version of Kraftwerk’s Nummern (Numbers), has become a favourite beatbox routine for other people to show their skills.

Roxorloops, (Belgian and Vice World Champion) also knows how to do Nummern. I love the way he does echos and time stretching!

Rahzel is another one of the most famous beatboxers in the world. I particularly like this little MTV clip.

Then there’s Beardy Man. He is absolutely amazing (and nutty?) and can do a lot more than straightforward beatboxing. I love the way he scratches and his reverse technique is simply mindblowing. Check the Tim Shaw audio. He also has great cooking skills!

Kid Beyond records his beats and sounds on his Ableton Live setup. Check him on YouTube.

Reggie does the same kind of thing on some sampling gear and creates a song layering one part over the other. Reggie Watts: Out Of Control is just brilliant.

Alright, some of my favorites. You have any to share?