Humanoid Sound Systems releases Scanned Synth Pro for Mac

Human Sound Systems Scanned Synth Pro 2

Humanoid Sound Systems‘s virtual synthesizer plug-in Scanned Synth Pro 2, is now available for Mac OSX.

Scanned Synth uses a unique new form of synthesis inspired by advances in digital music theory. It is designed to create rich complex digital tones and fantastic sound effects, while using simplifed controls and traditional synths techniques such as filters, lfo’s and effects.

Perfect for biting metallic growls, movement filled pads, and weird modular-like sound effects, ScannedSynth Pro provides a unique sound that is constantly changing and new every time you press a key. Featuring a revolutionary synthesis engine, combining the powers of both Physical Modelling and Wavetable synthesis, with simplified controls and full MIDI automation, ScannedSynth Pro is both simple and complex, powerful and easy to use.

If you’ve heard enough of the same boring static sounds, if you’ve tired of the same old methods of synthesis, if don’t want to sound like everybody else– then download ScannedSynth Pro – a step beyond the clones.

Scanned Synth Pro is now available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) for a pay-what-you-like price. A demo version is available for download from the product page.

Visit Humanoid Sound Systems for more information.

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Loopy C
Loopy C

Ah, as a Mac user, good to know I can try this now (an intriguing concept, scanning a ‘network’ in flux) :)

Thanks for the update.

Loopy C
Loopy C

Sadly, it doesn’t pass Apple Logic Pro 8’s AU validation :( I passed the info along to Humanoid, hopefully it is something easy to address.

Loopy C
Loopy C

Important update: After determining this was indeed a provocative and worthwhile instrument I made my purchase. The ‘Full’ version does validate fine in Logic 8 (the problem I experienced seems to be solely the present ‘2.08’ ‘demo’ version only) and after 12 hours of tracking! I can highly, and strongly recommend this synth as being both stable and inspiring for Mac users :) The choice on the developer’s part to implement a VERY smart ‘random’ patch generator was a great decision (and key to my purchase). Given the underlying complexity of this engine, the way it has been put in… Read more »

Loopy C
Loopy C

One more update:

I have just been informed by the developer that the demo issue has been addressed and implemented in download and should at this time mention that another aspect of my confidence in purchasing has been the developers’ prompt and very supportive response from the beginning.

Thanks again Ronnie for the news on this ‘port’ to Mac…a most satisfying end to the wait for my chosen platform’s support :)