Humanoid Sound Systems has released version 1.0.26 of Enzyme, the scanned synthesis instrument for Windows and Mac.

Enzyme incorporates all the popular features of our Scanned Synth Pro, but takes its scanning synthesis in several new directions simultaneously. Sample import is now available so you can resynthesise existing sounds with automatic pitch detection and click-free looping, while Hybrid Scanned/FM synthesis is also on offer for even more sonic possibilities.

Changes in Enzyme v1.0.26

  • Fixed randomisation so that it does not attempt to load non-Enzyme preset files from EnzymeData/Random folder.
  • Fixed bug where import sample names were not updating after a preset was loaded.
  • Fixed bug where older presets were not displaying the correct units for certain parameters.
  • Changed the output of LFO Rate’s display so that it conatins decimal places.
  • Made some changes to Flanger::process() as it is sometimes causing the audio to fail. It is still not working properly though for certain presets. Reverb is also an issue.
  • Fixed bug where holding the Control/Cmd key and left-clicking caused the parameter value to be displayed permanently.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong value was being used for depth values when using a bipolar LFO
  • Added a fix for AHDSR release. When AHDSR was being used as a modulator the release time was always 0 no matter what it was set to.
  • Fixed TextRenderer bug where it wasn’t drawing multi-line text properly.
  • Added a fix so that users can now load “aif” and “aiff” sample files. Needs to be to be tested on Mac.
  • Added a fix for existing presets that were created before the LFO changes (ENZ-209). This should make existing presets sound the same as the originals but will cause the range of some depth parameters to be -3 to 1 instead of -1 to 1. Unfortunately this is unavoidable.
  • Added a fix for modulator headings not being displayed when switching presets.

Enzyme is available to purchase for $49.95 USD.

Visit Humanoid Sound Systems for more information.