Humanoid Sound Systems has updated its Enzyme synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac to version 1.0.30.

Enzyme incorporates all the popular features of our Scanned Synth Pro, but takes its scanning synthesis in several new directions simultaneously. Sample import is now available so you can resynthesise existing sounds with automatic pitch detection and click-free looping, while Hybrid Scanned/FM synthesis is also on offer for even more sonic possibilities.

Changes in Enzyme v1.0.30

  • Improved randomisation (this will blow your mind).
  • Extended core sample library.
  • Added micro-tuning feature (alternative tuning scales).
  • Added license agreements to installers.
  • Changed MIDI learn feature for performance parameters so that it is not saved in preset and persists between sessions.
  • Fixed crash when moving knobs in FX rack.
  • Fixed legato mode so that, when a note is released, it returns to previous note.
  • Fixed display of distortion pregain parameter.
  • Fixed delay sync mode so that it has a max length of 32 beats.
  • Fixed delay sync mode time display so it displays time in beats.
  • Fixed bugs in preset/bank menus.
  • Fixed bug where audio engine could become silent when using Nearest4 connection matrix with high Spring Force setting.
  • Fixed bug in flanger where it could become overloaded, requiring preset to be reloaded.
  • Fixed tracking of most recent not played in modulation system (used when modulating a monophonic parameter with a polyphonic modulator).
  • Fixed stand-alone version on Windows (32-bit only).

Enzyme for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $49.95 USD.

Visit Humanoid Sound Systems for more information.