HV Synth Design releases LowBrassCollection

HV Synth Design LowBrassCollection

HV Synth Design has released LowBrassCollection, a collection featuring an acoustic modeled Bass Trombone, Tenor Trombone, F-Horn and WagnerTuba.

The instruments are based on a unique modeling method, called Eclectic Acoustic Synthesis (EAS), created with SynthMaker The formats are VST (for Windows and Intel Mac with Windows) and Standalone.

LowBrassCollection features

  • very realistic low brass sounds,
  • all unstruemnts can play 1-4 voices.
  • like real Brass Instruments, you can ‘blow’ the models from very soft to very loud with an increment of brightness (the high frequencies become more and more prominent). This is done via modulation wheel or breath controller,
  • low CPU load.
  • Controls: Breath Pressure: ModWheel or Breath Controller, Lip tention, Breath noise + Instability, Vibrato (amplitude and/or pitch), Slide (Trombones only), EQ, Fine tuning.

LowBrassCollection is available now for $179 USD.

Visit HV Synth Design for more information and audio demos.

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Sorry but this one is garbage. I play trombone and this is so far off the mark it amazes me. I don’t get why anyone would buy this. Seriously go on ebay, buy a $12.99 radioshack keyboard and you will get trombone sounds better then this. Drop them an octave and add some flanger and verb and BOOM you got basstrombone. Sorry for the rant but garbage like this puts us back like 12 years.


Trombone (n) – Shoulder Mounted, Wind controlled, Pitch Approximature.


Some valid points! The sounds are very artificial sounding. And the price is beyond ambitious for something made with SynthMaker. Plugins made with this program usually eats a lot of cpu!

The other joke is… this guy doesn’t even offer a demo so you can test it out with your DAW. He says what u hear is what you get in the audio demo’s. Ummm… what about bugs and crashes?
This guy is charging commercial prices for something that’s not even proven to be stable with most DAW’S. This guy needs a reality check
real bad!!!