HV Synth Design Total Brass

HV Synth Design has launched a new website for Total Brass, a VST instrument dedicated to acoustic modeled brass instruments, based on a self developed modeling method called Eclectic Acoustic Synthesis (EAS).

I am proud to release the first Brass plug-in that features low and high brass instruments, from contrabass trombone to piccolo trumpet, from f-horn to a Dizzy Gillispie like jazz trumpet, without any compromise at the sound quality. Not only that: you have also totally control over the most important brass aspects: Attack (mouth piece), player lips, you can even select a bore type: narrow/width.

Total Brass features

  • Breath Pressure, choose between Modulation Wheel and Breath Controller (you can also set a threshold for more or less breath pressure).
  • Attack for ‘blowing’ explosive attacks.
  • Player Lips, amount (midi learn) and duration (kind of a short thrill, jazz players often use this to get a more aggressive tone).
  • Instability (long tones always have some instability).
  • Breath noise (midi learn).
  • Flutter Tongue – this is done with a rapid up and down movement of the tongue (midi learn).
  • Portamento : choose between midi learn and velocity.
  • Pistons or slide (selectable).
  • Width Bore, Narrow Bore and Harmon mute (selectable).
  • Note-to-note transition, pressing a piston, when another one is not released in time.
  • Damping: alter the bore structure/timbre (midi learn).
  • 4 stage EQ.
  • Low Brass (loudness), add extra harmonics and thus the loudness for low bass instruments.
  • Tuning control.
  • Pitch and amplitude vibrato via aftertouch or midi learn.
  • Volume control.
  • Overblowing with the Pitch Wheel.

Total Brass is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for 139 EUR (ex. VAT). A demo version can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit the Total Brass website for more information and audio demos.