Audio Plugin Deals has launched a two-week promotion on the Hvybones Granular Pads sample library by Simple Samples Audio.

Hvybones Granular Pads is a collection of 36 larger-than-life ambient evolving pads. Each patch is crafted from an analog synth or electric guitar run through a multitude of granular pedal effects including reverbs, delays, shimmers, distortions, loopers, & more.

These sounds are unlike anything you’ve ever heard and provide incredible beds for composing on top of or can be used solo for warm and intimate moments. Regardless of how you use these pads, you will be immediately inspired to create.

Hvybones Granular Pads features

  • 13 Major key patches spanning 2 octaves.
  • 12 Minor key patches spanning 2 octaves.
  • 11 Open patches spanning 5 octaves; these can be played as single notes or as traditional pad chords.
  • Cutoff knob to control lowpass filter amount.
  • Resonance knob to control lowpass filter resonance.
  • Shimmer knob to add a larger-than-life reverb to the mix (with additional octave harmonics).
  • Tube Saturation knob to add a gritty distortion.
  • Chorus knob to control the amount of stereo presence.
  • 1 GB of content (24bit/48kHz).
  • Includes WAV folder of all samples.

Regularly $59 USD, Hvybones is available at Audio Plugin Deals for just $12 USD until February 26th, 2021.