HY-Plugins has launched HY-MBMFX2, a new version of the multiband multi-effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

The plugin splits the incoming signal into three frequency bands, which can be processed separately.

Each frequency band has 5 multi-effect units with 22 effects each. You can modulate effect parameters with 10 modulation sources available.

HY-MBMFX2 features

  • 5 effect units per band + master effect.
  • 10 modulation units (4x LFO, 2x Envelope Follower, 4x Macro).
  • Drag & drop modulation assignment.
  • Drag & drop for re-ordering FX.
  • Randomizer.
  • Preset manager (each FX unit also has a preset manager).

HY-MBMFX2 (VST/AU) is available for $48 USD. A free version with 1 effect unit per band and only a single LFO and Envelope Follower is available for download.

More information: HY-Plugins