HY-Plugins has released updates for its HY-Slicer sample slicer and step sequencer, HY-Filter3 multi-mode filter, and HY-SEQ16x3v2 16-step analog style sequencer plugin.

Changes in HY-Slicer v1.1.0

  • Fixed playback speed doesn’t work correctly when host samplerate is changed.
  • Added slice in order button to the arranger panel.
  • Added double click to load sample support to the file browser.
  • Added preview level control knob to the file browser.
  • Added midi trigger mode.

Changes in HY-SEQ16x3v2 v1.1.3

  • Fixed snapshot bank doesn’t work properly.
  • Fixed existing preset files doesn’t list up on file explorer when saving preset.
  • Added preset file drag and drop support.
  • Added clear snapshot bank and clear snapshot buttons.

Changes in HY-Filter3 v1.1.0

  • Fixed arrow buttons of sStep SEQ/LFO cause plugin crash.
  • Added modulation depth exponential mode.

The updates are now available. New users can purchase HY-Slicer, HY-Filter3 and HY-SEQ16x3v2 for $50 USD, $45 USD and $40 USD, respectively. Free versions with limited features are available for download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: HY-Plugins