HY-Plugins has announced some updates to its phaser, mono synth, and filter plugins for Windows and Mac.

HY-Phaser is a free phaser effect in which some of the parameters can be controlled by an envelope follower.

HY Phaser2

Changes in HY-Phaser v2.0

  • Added randomize/clear button.
  • Added preset function.
  • Now you can re-size plugin window.
  • Added Mac version(VST/AU).
  • Added midi learn function(test version).

The HY-Mono monophonic synthesizer instrument was updated to version 1.5.

HY Mono 1.5

Changes in HY-Mono v1.5

  • Added pan control to delay output.
  • Added drive.
  • Added limiter.
  • Added randomize/clear button.
  • New gui.

HY-Mono is free. Note that version 1.5 is not backward compatible with previous versions.

HY-Filter2 is a multi mode filter effect featuring 7 filter modes (2 for the free version).

HY Filter2 1.1.5

Changes in HY-Filter2 v1.1.5

  • Added filter type option of Multi Filter mode and Step Filter mode.
  • Re-wrote step sequencer code of Step Filter mode and Gate Filter mode.
  • Improved mouse response of Step Filter’s sliders.
  • Some minor changes.

HY-Filter2 is available for purchase for $30 USD. A free version with limited features is also available.

More information: HY-Plugins