HY-Plugins has released an update to the HY-POLY synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Version 1.07 of the polyphonic synthesizer with MIDI and audio effects includes various new features and fixes.

Changes in HY-POLY v1.07

  • Add: Oscillator phase control (Full version only).
  • Add: Mod sources mono/poly switches.
  • Add: Mono mode option.
  • Add: Oscillator tune modulation range setting.
  • Add: Popup value display option (Full version only).
  • Add: FM modulation option button.
  • Fix: Synthesizer voice allocation doesn’t work properly.
  • Fix: 32-bit version crash issue.
  • Fix: The amp envelope is attenuated unnecessarily.
  • Fix: The preset browser doesn’t handle sub-folders properly.
  • Fix: One shot mode of the step sequencer doesn’t work properly.
  • Fix: LFO offset control doesn’t work properly.
  • Fix: Delay time of delay effects doesn’t be initialized properly.
  • Fix: Plugin latency doesn’t be set properly.
  • Fix: Multipoint envelope doesn’t output correct values.

HY-POLY costs $60 USD. A free version with limited features is available to download in VST/VST3 and AU formats.

The HY-SeqCollection2 multi-mode sequencer has been updated to version 1.25. The update includes a new simple scale FX, randomize all button, horizontal parameter lock button, and a resizable modulation source panel.

The full version costs $55 USD, while the free version features only the Hexa sequencer mode, a single modulation unit, and 3 MIDI effects.

More information: HY-Plugins