VST Alarm has launched a limited time promotion on the IDM Producer Bundle by Hydratek, offering 3 forward-thinking sound packs for the price of one for the next few days.

Immerse yourself in a futuristic realm of IDM and take your productions to the next level with this unique bundle inspired by the experimental, heavy outer edges of electronic music.

Futurize your beats, immerse your sessions in magmatic foundations, and embrace the weirdness – all in one comprehensive collection that can help you stand out from the crowd and inspire your next creations.

IDM Producer Bundle features

  • Futura: 472 samples divided into 221 loops and 251 one-shots, 21 kits folders, 6 one-shots folders (kick, clap, bass, percs, open and closed hi-hats).
  • Magma: 100 one-shots divided into 10 categories (kicks, claps, snares, foleys, hi-hats, fxs, percs, reverses, stabs, and voxes), 5 kits which contain each 16 patterns, with a total of 80 processed loops.
  • Thron: 209 sample loops, 23 kit folders including sfx, stock shots derived from the PO-14 and miscs of various loops.

The bundle is on sale for only $14.95 USD until June 5th, 2023.

More information: VST Alarm