Hypersynth has launched the Hcard series multi-bank memory cards for the Roland D-50 and Yamaha DX series synthesizers.

Hypersynth Hcard-701

The Hcard-701 (Yamaha DX7 MKI), Hcard-702 (Yamaha DX7-II/FD) and Hcard-750 (Roland D-50) have no internal battery and can store up to 100 banks. They can be used as a drop in replacement for the original discontinued memory cards/cartridges from Roland and Yamaha.

Hypersynth Hcard-702

Hypersynth Hcard-750

Hcard features

  • Up to 100 banks (up to 6400 presets).
  • Instant access to different banks using touch buttons.
  • Two digits bank indicator display.
  • No need for battery.
  • Hidden “Memory Protect” option.
  • Pre-programmed sound-banks.
  • External display support.

The Hcards are available now starting at 91 EUR / $104 USD.

The Hcard-705 Pair (Yamaha DX5-DX1) and H-Display external display for all Hcard series are coming soon.

Hypersynth H-Display

H-Display automatically reads the current bank, previews all preset names and highlights the active preset. Sound selection and bank management will be much easier than before. H-Display is under development now, but all the Hcards that are sold now are compatible with the H-Display Protocol.

More information: Hypersynth