HyperSynth Miniak-editor

HyperSynth has released Miniak-editor, a software editor for advanced controlling over the Akai Miniak (analog modeling synthesizer) in your DAW.

Miniak-editor is able to retrieve presets from Miniak memory or load it from hard drive into the editor. You can send a complete program to Miniak via sysex or change any parameter of synthesizer in real time.

Miniak-editor features

  • Support automation for all Miniak parameters (synth-engine).
  • Request patch from Miniak memory.
  • Load sysex file into the editor.
  • Send sysex (on the fly) to Miniak.
  • Remotely changing banks and programs.
  • True freq readout for filters and LFO/S&H.
  • Easily tweakable interactive tracking generator and mod matrix.
  • Run as standalone or VST plugin.

Miniak-editor is available to purchase for Windows PC, priced at $38 USD.

HyperSynth has also announced a 33% discount on the HyperSID HW unit, a custom build synthesizer with internal processor and a real SID Chip. This special offer is available through May, 2010.

More information: HyperSynth