HyperSynth Miniak-editor

HyperSynth has updated the Miniak-editor Akai Miniak controller software to version 2.2.

Miniak-editor is able to retrieve presets from Miniak memory or load it from hard drive into the editor. You can send a complete program to Miniak via sysex or change any parameter of synthesizer in real time.

Changes in Miniak-editor v2.2

  • Added MIDI learn and default CC assignment for most of the parameters.
  • Added new MIDI controller input port.
  • Added support for Nintendo Wii Remote as a MIDI controller.
  • Added Latch button.
  • Fixed rare issue in saving MIDI In/out when the device number was greater than 9.
  • Fixed problem that caused mismatch between standalone and VST MIDI In device.
  • M1 and M2 wheel now also respond to changes visually in block mode (echo off).
  • Updated documentation (Added CC tables and step by step tutorials).

Miniak-editor for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $38 USD.

More information: HyperSynth / Miniak-editor