Loopmasters has launched a new sample pack featuring rolling basslines, heavenly atmospheres, and fast-paced drums. Hypertrance by ehtereal2080 combines the dreaminess of early trance music with elements of techno and hyperpop to create an immersive blend between the genres.

This sample pack was inspired by the likes of nuphory, Volant, Aekae, and many more, aiming to give you that nostalgic dreamy feeling of early 90s trance while supplying you with hard-hitting drums and high-energy basslines.

Also available is Electroclash, a pack that blends elements of synth-pop, electro-pop, and new wave to craft dark, hypnotic grooves and atmospheric soundscapes.

This genre has recently undergone a modern revival, taking the electronic music scene by storm with breakout singles from artists like akiaura, LONOWN, and STM. Despite its growing popularity, our extensive research revealed a scarcity of high-quality samples available to producers aiming to create electroclash tracks. In response, we’ve curated a comprehensive sample pack designed to equip you with everything needed to produce your next electroclash hit.

The sample packs are available at the Loopmasters store for £9.95 GBP each.

More information: ethereal2080