Zenhiser has recently released Hypnotic Techno, a sample pack that brings the rugged, distorted side of Techno in perfect clarity.

Zenhiser Hypnotic Techno

Embracing the deeper, darker sound from Europe, this collection experiments with analogue warmth, tube gear, authentic saturation and classic drum machines to put out a Techno sample pack of scandalous proportions.

Achieving a quality of sound that would sit perfectly within the label realm of Terrminal M, Soma Records, Alleanza & Token, ‘Hypnotic Techno’ combines elements including authentic production techniques with hi end studio gear to shape an exclusive mix of powerful one shot sounds, fx and ready to use loops in one go. 848 hypnotic, high tension sounds, loops and midi make up the body of this stockpile, with particular attention focused on the overdriven sound that reverberates throughout the pack. You’ll find dark industrial sounds, pressure driven synths, warehouse filled sequences, haunted vocals and devastatingly tough drum hits.

‘Hypnotic Techno’ is a dominant fixture in the production world, obviously useful, subtly intriguing but mostly individual. This collection will have pride of place in your Techno sample library.

Cinematic Sound offers a cinematic collection of sounds that explores the adventurous world of film inspired soundscapes, mood driven trailers and serene feelings of bliss.

Zenhiser Cinematic Sound

A truly rare concept of a sample pack, ‘Cinematic Sound’ is expertly suited for soundtracks, film scores, travel soundscapes and music scores alike.

This extensive sample library weighs in at 4.4GB, with voluminous folders including spacious build ups, sonic deep hits, swelling risers, experimental whooshes, evolving atmospheres, impressive drones and unique synth hits. Combine this with sophisticated full song previews including individual stems, full mix loops with individual basslines, beats, synths and instruments and you’re onto a winner.

Now the true scale of this comprehensive pack can be understood.

For some more 80s nostalgia, Neon 80s, a collection that aims to stimulate those memories and time travel back to the ’80s.

Zenhiser Neon 80s

Our pristine, synth heavy, drum machine abused collection of retro sounds capture the atmosphere and feel of this melodic decade with 2GB of unprecedented 80’s sounds including soundtrack inspired loops, retro synth one shots, classic drum hits and distinctive white noise fx.

‘Neon 80’s’ includes a massive collection of useable sounds, loops and midi covering everything from Tangerine Dream inspired arps, M83 style synths, modulated rhythms, plucky bells, catchy drums and pulsating basslines. This awe inspiring collection of yesteryear was made possible by using classic 80’s synths including Roland Juno 60, Juno 106, JX-3P, Sequential Prophet 6, Kong Polysix Roland TR-808 & Oberheim Matrix synths.

Nostalgia is at a premium with this incredible stockpile, analogue gear infused with today’s programming techniques lends its way to a source collection of sounds perfect for retro 80’s tracks, Synth Pop, Dreamwave or anything sentimental.

Lofi & Chill is a deeply focused sound pack that explores the world of dusty, jazzy harmonics fused with gritty drums.

Zenhiser Lofi & Chill

This hypnotising collection of experimental rhythms and melodies traverses itself through a beautifully wide palette of sonic textures that until now have been burrowed away waiting to see the light of day.

This moving lofi sample library weighs in at a touch over 3GB, featuring dynamic vocal chops, experimental melodies, blissful rhythms and spaced out pads. By blending traditional instruments with new processing techniques ‘Lofi & Chill’ is perfectly set for Hip Hop, Lofi, Downtempo, Electronica and Future Beats.

The sonic character shines throughout this sample pack, with precise attention focused on the organic feel and timbre of the loops. Developmental progressions in sound manipulation captures a truly unique outlook for your future tracks and productions.

Pulse – Drum & Bass comes with a super tight, ultra rhythm heavy selection of beats, basslines, synths, instruments and sounds.

Zenhiser Pulse Drum and Bass

This insanely produced collection has the perfect blend of sonic utensils that will outperform your previous tracks and turbocharge your future productions to epic proportions.

The fundamental part to any Drum & Bass sample library is its drums, ‘Pulse – Drum & Bass’ has you covered, with punchy beats, snappy drum sounds and a plethora of full mix loops that showcase these drum fuelled beats in all their glory. 2.0GB of rolling content forges the foundations of this wonderfully crafted pack, full mix loops are broken down into individual elements allowing interchangeable layers to create a new endless amount of possibilities.

Synth and instrumental loops perfectly suited for Deep, Intelligent Drum & Bass, Techstep, Neurofunk and Half time balance their beat and bassline counterparts perfectly. Rich melody hits, synth hits, fx and monstrous drum sounds deliver a new level of must have one shots for Drum & Bass producers whilst an enticing amount of Midi provides inspiration at a molecular level of programming.

The sample packs are available from Loopmasters for £34.95 GBP each. Selected Zenhiser packs are currently 60% off in a Black Friday Sale.

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