Hzandbits Excited Electrons

Hzandbits has announced the release of Excited Electrons, a collection of 121 electronic noise and interference sound effects in 24bit/96kHz mono.

Here are the chaotic, squealing, squelching insides of everyday electronic apparatus, such as cell phones, laptops, MiniDisc players and battery drills. Sounds that drone, sounds that buzz – sounds that go “YipYipYiiiipfffrrrszz…”.

Recorded with induction coils/telephone pickups, these sounds are excellent sound design material.

With these sounds come extensive metadata in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats.

Excited Electrons is available for purchase for $31 USD. Hzandbits newsletter subscribers get a 50% discount on all Hzandbits packs.

More information: Hzandbits / Excited Electrons