Hzandbits Sound Effects has announced the release of its new sample library Rain, featuring recordings of 4 hours of rain on streets, roofs, windows, plants and more.

Hzandbits Rain

The library includes 113 files, recorded in 24bit/96kHz audio quality.

This collection features rain recorded as ambiances or beds and as specifics. Rain is the same as wind: if it sounds like white noise, it isn’t interesting. This library features rain where it hits something that makes a distinctive sound, something with a bit of character, rhythm or feeling.

Some of the recordings exist in both original M/S versions, as well as the decoded results (XY). In this way, you can get ready-to-use stereo, or get more control of width (or just the mono signal) with M/S. A few of the sounds were only recorded in mono and left in as such.

Rain is available for $81.25 USD ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: Hzandbits