Hzandbits Sound Effects The Creek

Hzandbits Sound Effects has released The Creek, a sound fx library featuring the sounds of rushing water.

The Creek is 53 minutes/1,2 GB of rushing water in 29 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz M/S stereo and converted to X/Y, with Sennheiser
MKH60/30 mics.

Here are recordings of a rushing, crashing and clucking creek, recorded mainly around an old watermill near Aarhus, Denmark. Everything was recorded at night, which means no birds or insects, and very little traffic (what little there was is edited out, of course).

The sounds vary from near-surface to more distant and diffuse, from almost white noise, to vocal clucking and plopping. There are both mono close-ups and wide stereo ambiances, with lots of tonal and textural variety. Also included are recordings from an underpass pipe, a small stream flowing into a drain, and a leak near the mill-wheel.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $20 USD.

More information: Hzandbits Sound Effects / The Creek