Mubert has reached out to its creative community and musicians all over the globe to invite them on board for grand generative music collaboration.

Up until November 15th everyone interested to make a contribution to an everlasting seamless music stream in A minor is encouraged to send one sample by following a simple instruction.

If you are not familiar with Mubert, you are yet to discover the world of endless deeply personalized music experience. Mubert is the AI-powered technology that generates customizable music streams out of human-made samples. Many people all over the world use Mubert to get inspired, motivated and open their minds and many artists have participated in the experiment, that redefines the creative process. An experiment called “generative music”.

Now Mubert mobilizes musicians, producers and sound designers for an unconventional grand-scale collaboration – an infinite composition in A minor created by many human minds and one artificial intelligence.

To join the music experiment you need to create one loop in the A minor key (140 BPM), using an instrument of your choice (rhythms, melodies, harmonies, and effects are allowed), upload your sample to Mubert Pro and tag it with the #i-am-the-world.

The stream will be broadcasted to Mubert’s quarter-million audience in a mobile app’s special tab.

More information: Mubert