i3 has released version 4 of DSP-Quattro, the audio editor/audio CD mastering application with extended real-time and off-line support of AU/VST plug-ins for MacOS X.

i3 DSP-Quattro 4

A new major update of DSP-Quattro, the version 4, is now available for the download. This new major version introduces a lot of important new features and improvements.

There is a new graphic Cut Editor which offers the maximum flexibility doing click-free cut&paste of audio waveforms, allowing you to draw x-fades curves by yourself. There is an astonishing built-in de-clicker tool for audio restoration, side by side with a new pencil tool to re-draw waveforms by hand, and also a very useful gain tool to manually lower transients by a real-time graphic control.

Moreover, new High Quality Time Stretching and Frequency Shifting algorithms are built-in in version 4, there is a new graphic editor for Fade-In/Outs, up to 4 Aux busses to address outputs, user configurable key commands, unlimited number of effx slots to insert plug-ins, a new internal ‘plug-in’ module to address external audio hardware for external audio processing… and much more!

DSP-Quattro 4.0 is now available to purchase for 75 EUR / $99 USD. Owners of version 2.x or 3.x can upgrade to version 4.x for 15 EUR / $19 USD. Those who purchased a 3.x license after the March 1st 2012, can upgrade to version 4 at no cost.

More information: i3 DSP-Quattro