Tone2 Audiosoftware has released a public beta of Icarus 1.1, an update for the 3D wavetable synthesizer instrument.

The update includes a reworked user interface, a large number of new features and many enhancements.

Tone2 Icarus 1.1 public beta

Icarus is an exceptionally powerful, new synthesizer with ‘3D wavetable synthesis’. It offers a fresh signature sound, which quickly catches your audiences’ attention. The innovative resynthesis can rebuild any sound with a mouse-click. An easy to use interface and a massive amount of inspiring factory sounds allow you to create professional tracks rapidly and with very low effort.

The sound quality surpasses conventional synths, however you don’t need to own a NASA computer to be able to use Icarus, since it offers the best possible sound quality and low CPU requirement.

Changes in Icarus v1.1 public beta

  • New features:
    • Drag&Drop support: Drag LFO/ENV and drop it to a knob to create a matrix entry for modulation.
    • Right-click on a knob opens a menu where you can assign modulation sources.
    • Modualtion depth control on top left of a knob if a source is assigned.
    • Sectors on knobs show the modulation amount. Clipping is shown in red.
    • Hovering the mouse over a knob shows the current parameter value and modulation source.
    • The buttons of OSCs, Filters, LFOs, ENVs, which are inactive are greyed out.
    • Responsive GUI with Tooltips.
    • New waveform display mode ‘Hypersaw’, which shows the detuning of the oscillators.
    • help->Show version info.
    • Mouse cursor changes on editing halftones in arp.
    • Right click on a knob->reset initializes to the default value.
    • Visual feedback if a button in the wavetable editor is pressed.
    • TRIG button for the LFO section.
    • New sync mode for LFOs ‘Arp/Lfo soft trig’ which retriggers monophonic LFOs after 1 second of silence.
    • New sync mode for LFOs ‘Arp/Lfo classic trig’, which allows to set free mode for every LFO individually.
    • SEMI knob for the OSC section.
    • New matrix target ‘Filter Balance’. It’s usefull to control the relationship of the filter volumes when two filters are routed in parallel.
  • Enhancements:
    • Drawing custom shapes with the STEP Lfo is more comfortable.
    • Better workflow.
    • Enhanced performance of the knobs.
    • Parameters are more easy to adjust.
    • Patch rankings are only stored when the user clicks on the stars.
    • Display mode is now ‘smart’ and tries to auto-detect the right one.
    • Polished some graphics.
    • Reduced RAM requirement. More instances can be loaded in 32 bit.
    • Many other small enhancements for the user interface.
    • Quick save is more smart.
    • Category is rotating for a more comfortable patch browsing.
    • Workaround for buggy hosts which submit duplicate noteOn commands. The Arp does not longer produce hanging note.
    • Legato is more easy to setup.
    • Drag&Drop of a wav sample to the OSC display can now create a new resynthesized patch.
    • LFOs are more smart.
  • Changes:
    • MONO in the LFO section has been replaced with TRIG.
    • On initializing a new patch the default mode is set to ‘Arp/Lfo soft trig’.
    • OSC Punch and OSC Keyfollow button have been moved to SETUP.
  • Fixes:
    • Matrix source ‘Filter Env’ sometimes didn’t work.
    • Removed a glitch from ‘Alien Spaceship Mac.fxp’.

The public beta is now available for download from the Tone2 forum.

More information: Tone2 Audiosoftware / Icarus