Iceberg Softwares GrainPlot

Iceberg Softwares has released GrainPlot, a granular instrument for Windows.

GrainPlot is an audio sample granulator instrument for Windows VST hosts. It’s designed around the idea that standard granular synthesis parameters have to be modulated to provide richer sounds, that’s why it includes a powerful automation system.

GrainPlot features

  • VST version 2.4, instrument, compatible with most of the existing VST host.
  • Granular engine made of “granular streams”, up to 36 simultaneous audio streams, up to 6 times overlapped.
  • Standard granular synthesis controls: size, transposition, separation time, position in the stereo field, etc.
  • Jitter for each parameter.
  • Advanced granular parameter adjustment: harmonizer and synced separator.
  • Output section with a standard LP/HP filter, a chorus, a stereo delay and a soft saturator.
  • 128 presets per bank, selectable with MIDI keys.
  • Sample pool: each preset bank is organized around a sample map, up to 128 audio samples can stand in the pool.
  • Automation curves for each parameter.
  • Factory content: sample library and preset banks.
  • Clean, fast and ergonomic user interface, 6 different visual styles.
  • 48 factory presets and a 50 Mb sample library produced with professional audio plugins.

GrainPlot for Windows (VST) is avaialble to purchase for 49 EUR.

Visit Iceberg Softwares for more information.