Iceberg Softwares GrainPlot

Iceberg Softwares has updated the GrainPlot granular plugin for Windows.

GrainPlot is an audio sample granulator instrument and effect for Windows VST hosts. It’s designed around the idea that standard granular synthesis parameters have to be modulated to provide richer sounds, that’s why it includes a powerful automation system.

Changes in GrainPlot v1.1 RC2

  • Factory content, a dozen of additional audio samples (instrumental, textures).
  • The index of the sample used in a preset can be automated.
  • Added a menu to select the automation lane.
  • Plug-in loading time drastically reduced, GP now uses a system of cache.
  • Sample map, the options ‘Remove DC’, ‘Normalize’, etc can be set for a single item.
  • The windows ‘Options’ and ‘SampleMap’ does not add a button in the taskbar anymore.
  • The segments of type ‘random’ have a persistent seed.
  • Clipboard operations, curves values/colors were not always set as the original. Fixed.
  • Preset names could not contain any spaces. Fixed.
  • Automations, the segments of type ‘superellipse’ are now correctly duplicated.
  • Samplerate change from the VST host, Grain size was not updated accordingly. Fixed.
  • ‘Cancel MIDI learn’ action was not implemented at all. Fixed.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

GrainPlot for Windows is available to purchase for 65 EUR.

Visit Iceberg Softwares for more information.