ifoundasound LiveProcessor

ifoundasound has released version 2.01 beta of LiveProfessor, a VST host software for Windows.

LiveProfessor is designed to be a effect rack of VST-plugins. We have designed it specifically with live sound in mind. The concept is very simple. Using a ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST-plugins. The program supports snapshots, MIDI and both VST-effects and VST-instrument.

Changes in LiveProfessor v2.01

  • Failed to load cue lists from saved projects, Fixed.
  • New audio engine. Summing on all plug-in inputs, split on all plug-in outputs (Beta 2.0)
  • Better multi core support. All cores are now used. The cores are divided pr. “Signal-chain”. (Beta 2.0)
  • “Route back” you can now split a signal and route it back to a plug-in earlier in the signal chain. (Please look out for feedback) (Beta 2.0)
  • New MIDI controller system. The way hardware midi controllers control plug-in parameters is completely changed. (Beta 2.0)
  • Library. Most LiveProfessor settings (Snapshots, Cues, Cue Actions, Controllers, Controller Maps, etc) can be saved in a global Library so you can use them in other projects (Beta 2.0)
  • Each cue now has a button to assign a MIDI trigger. (Beta 2.0)
  • MIDI learn ignore active sense message, Fixed. (Beta 2.0)
  • Comment action. Empty cue action that can be used as a note/hint/memo (Beta 2.0)
  • Bug in patch window when hiding plug-ins with multiple I/O, Fixed. (Beta 2.0)
  • Warning when opening a project on a system with less IO then the one the project was saved on. (Will remove the patch points) (Beta 2.0)
  • 88.2 KHz sample rate (Beta 2.0)
  • Snapshot masks. When recalling a snapshot in a cue action, you can now choose to not recall selected parameters. (Beta 2.0)
  • Export cue lists. Cue lists can now be saved (Only makes sense for cues that are not linked to a plug-in) (Beta 2.0)
  • Expand/Hide all in cue list (Beta 2.0)
  • New location of program settings. The program settings are no longer saved in the Program Files folder but in the AppData folder, as this is the Vista/Win7 way (Beta 2.0)
  • Bug when replacing snapshots when using the global cue tool, Fixed. (Beta 2.0)
  • Cues could get stuck to the mouse, Fixed. (Beta 2.0)

LiveProfessor 2.01 beta for Windows is available as a free download.

More information: ifoundasound